Elephant Philosophy EP

by Rick Moss

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released June 6, 2016

All Songs Written By Rick Moss
All Songs Produced By Rick Moss, Josh Brynaert, & Johnny Simmen Executive Producer – Rick Moss
Recording & Mixing Engineer – Johnny Simmen
Mastering Engineer – Noah Mintz
Recorded at A Stare Away Studios (Toronto, Ontario)
Mixed at Iguana Studios (North York, Ontario)
Mastered at Lacquer Channel Mastering (North York, Ontario)
CD Copies by Number 9 Audio Group (Toronto, Ontario)
Photos by on UP photography
Album Artwork by Be Moody



all rights reserved


Rick Moss Toronto, Ontario

I'm influenced by a lot of different music, which becomes pretty obvious when listening to my EP.

Please enjoy this groovy, punkish, jazzy blend of indie rock.

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Track Name: God of All Things
God of all things
Look at me
One of your children
So lonely
A million brothers
A million sisters
A million stars
For all our wishes

Hate is what I see
Fear is what I breed
Make me your prisoner
Never let me be
Weak in the knees
I got lead in my gut
I walk asleep
I don’t wanna wake up
Alarm bells ring
The pendulum swings
Another angel
Looses his wings
I fall from grace
Like the darkest one
The landing is hard
But I am strong

I am strong
Mother nature
Don’t fear me
Track Name: Lifted
There’s a feeling
It’s something new
You say you need it
But not like I do
It’s been going around
They say it’s the new sound
I don’t believe it
Until I see it

I hit the ceiling
I broke on through
I’m just being
How I wanted to do
I wont be coming round
As long as I am bound
To being free
You’ll see me
Track Name: Hour Glass
It’s just a call from a distant past
That echoes far beyond the future
The grains of sand flow through the hour glass
The writings on the wall tell us all

It’s all a dream, it’s all a show
It’s all a game that no one knows
Smoke and mirrors on the silver screen
Pictures cut out of magazines
It’s an art to play the part
But I still speak from the heart

If history is just stuck on repeat
What am I smiling for?
It would seem that none of this is up to me
So I can happily ignore

I look away, I know
I’m not blind, I don’t mind

All the greed, all the hate
All the daemons in your face
All the pain, all the loss
When no one knows who’s the boss
Just forgive, just forget
Save your soul and let it all go
Track Name: Monsters
You’ve got a monster in your head
The one that comes to life when you’re in your bed
You’ve got a monster in your head
The one that won’t give up until you’re dead

Take a message, fight the war
No one’s laughing anymore
Take a message, fight the war
The monster’s knocking at your door

There’s a wolf beneath that sheep
Don’t speak, don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t even breathe
Yeah, there’s a wolf beneath that sheep
And there’s not a promise he can’t keep

Take a message, fight the war
The devil’s is knocking at your door
We’re out of options, we fight no more
The devil’s here, dead on the floor
Track Name: Smiley Osiris
I see you
It's haunting
The way that
You're taunting
With your eyes
With your touch
With your mind
I'm feeling
Like I
Know You
But I just
Throw you
I just wanna make you smile

I just wanna make you smile

A giggle
A lift
A thought that makes you
Bite your lip
It's something
About what
You're wanting
I'm feeling
The same
And we can blame
The booze
And the drugs
For all the lack of love now

I just wanna make you smile
All the while
I put these thoughts in your head
Never mind what I said